Our Mission

To promote the economic vitality of our community through strategic alliances.

In the summer of 2016, the City of Deerfield Beach adopted the “City-wide Economic Development Strategy and Recommendations” with the goal of “the formulation of an Economic Development Council (EDC) that will provide the leadership role for the ongoing implementation of the City-wide Economic Development Strategy.” Today, the Economic Development Council is a public-private partnership providing businesses a voice in Deerfield Beach.

Working collaboratively with Broward County, The Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance, the City of Deerfield Beach, regional municipalities, industry trade associations and other like-minded nonprofit organizations, the EDC does more than recruit new business to Deerfield Beach. It ensures that Deerfield Beach businesses have access to local, county and state programs to stay and prosper in Deerfield Beach.

“It’s a perfect blend of accessibility, recreation and economic potential. Deerfield Beach is a paradise and an ideal location for any size business considering relocating.”

Bob Birdsong, Chairman

“We are a diverse and unpretentious community,
… There is no other place like Deerfield Beach in Florida.”

Dave Mirantz, Executive Director

Supporting & Promoting Growth

Key to the mission of supporting and promoting growth in Deerfield Beach is the EDC’s ability to forge a healthy vision of the local economy by pinpointing and driving the policies and issues most impacting businesses and the community-at-large.

The EDC’s specific functions include:

  • Building a sense of community
  • Marketing Deerfield Beach as a premier location for business
  • Retain and grow existing businesses, employment and investment
  • Grow advanced industry and cluster industry sectors
  • Grow high-skill, high-wage employment
  • Support entrepreneurship and new business creation
  • Promote infrastructure development
  • Facilitate collaboration and partnerships to enhance growth
  • Foster and develop talent and job training by supporting the education system at all levels