The DB-EDC took a position on once in a decade, County redistricting and did not prevail. We believed for several reasons that Deerfield Beach would be better served by two of the four options that that maintained the status quo of having 2 of the 9 county districts in Deerfield Beach. The EDC Board, with no dissenters approved a position paper sent to each of the 9 county commissioners, and the 5 members of the Deerfield Beach City Commission.

  • The item took the better part of three hours and including a stack rating by the commission that clearly rated our preferred solution as the best choice.
  • If you watched the debate, there were 4 (of the 5 needed) very strong supporters of the top-rated choice.
  • Say what you will, but commissioners, like great card players can count and once two of the undecideds, due to the arbitrary direction of role call, voted for the 2nd choice, the vote resulted in a stunning flip.
  • It’s not the first or the last time we’ll see this phenomenon.

Lessons Learned

To quote the great coach Vince Lombardi (the namesake of the super bowl trophy,) “we didn’t lose we just ran out of time”.

  • We were late to the game; as often happens under Florida’s Sunshine (laws,) County Commission and City Commission meetings schedules like stars, don’t always align properly.
  • Had we addressed this issue sooner and had an opportunity to meet with the City Commission.
  • Perhaps we might have been able to form a consensus and strategy that would have better served our community.
  • We might have followed up our letter with a telephone campaign or other tactics.
  • Perhaps we were naïve in our thinking that our letters were received, read, or made any difference what soever.

The Opportunity

The EDC can take the initiative in educating our public and private partners in the Broward 2nd district issues that impact the coastal and older communities along the Dixie and Federal Hwy corridors.

  • We can expand our circle of influence beyond our City borders to other communities in District 2
  • We can look inward for Deerfield Beach EDC’s Board member involvement on regional economic development initiatives.